Are Raccoons Marsupials?

Raccoons come from the Procyonidae family. They fall under the group of Carnivores. Along with the raccoons, some other animals that belong to this category are the cacomistles, kinkajous, olinguitos, ringtails, and coatis. These species of animals mostly prefer to be omnivorous meaning they eat both plants as well as other animals. They live in extensive areas of territories.

Are Raccoons Marsupials?

No, according to scientists raccoons are not marsupials. Raccoons belong to a family of mammals that prefers to eat meat. Raccoons also have a common ancestor with that of the seals. So, research suggests that raccoons are musteloids. Weasels, skunks, red pandas, and otters are some of the animals that belong to the family of musteloids.

How Can You Be Sure That Raccoons Are Musteloids?

The study says that almost all the musteloids are fairly small in size. They have short legs, a strong and thick neck with a small head, and also a long tube-shaped body. All these features can be seen in a raccoon which has led the animal experts to opine that raccoons are musteloids. The other members of the musteloids family such as otters, badgers, and weasels have similar features.

Do Raccoons Have A Pouch?

As we already know, raccoons are not marsupials according to scientists. Only the marsupials have pouches in their belly and they carry their babies in them. The most common animals of this category are the kangaroos, possums, wombats, and koalas. They have a pouch for keeping their babies protected in it. However, raccoons do not have such a pouch.

Are Raccoons Rodents?

No, the raccoon is not a rodent. Rodents are mammals falling under the group of Rodentia. One of their characteristics is that each of the upper, as well as lower jaws of these animals, has a pair of incisors that grow continuously. The guinea pigs, rats, hamsters, porcupines, mice, beavers, and squirrels come under this category. But raccoons are different from rodents.

Are Raccoons In The Canine Family?

Raccoon does resemble a dog in some aspects. It is carnivorous similar to dogs and cats. But a recent study about the evolution of raccoons indicates that they are also related to bear very closely. The ancestors of raccoons are more or less common to the bears than that of cats or dogs. However, there is no denying the fact that raccoons have emerged along with the Caniformia suborder.

Raccoons Are Related To Which Animals?

There are different opinions about the origin of raccoons. According to the genetic studies about raccoons, it has been revealed that the ring-tailed cats and the cacomistles of genus Bassariscus are the closest relatives of raccoons. It has also come to light that approximately ten million years back, raccoons and these creatures have split their ways.

Final Words

If we speak about the classification of raccoons, they obviously come under the category of carnivorous. However, as we all know they prefer to be omnivorous and eat frogs, crayfish, rodents, arthropods, fruits, and also plants which include the crops as well.

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