How Long Do Raccoons Live In Captivity?

Raccoons have an average life span of five years if they can survive their first year after birth. They are very intelligent animals and if they get sufficient food and shelter, they can survive for even a decade. But every year a large percentage of raccoons lose their life because of predators, starvation, human intervention, and diseases.

How Long Do Raccoons Live In Captivity?

The lifespan of a raccoon is very less when they live in the wild. However, when they live in captivity, raccoons enjoy a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle. They get a comfortable den to live in, delicious food at the right times, and a warm environment even on the winter days. All these factors help them to live from 20 to 21 years in captivity.

How Long Does A Raccoon Live In The Wild?

When a raccoon lives in the wild, it has to struggle a lot for its existence. Every day it has to fight for food, escape from the predators, and many other dangers to stay alive. Due to all these reasons, normally they can survive only for two to three years in the wild. But some raccoons have been heard to survive longer if they are lucky enough to survive these conditions.

How Long Does A Raccoon Live If They Can Survive The First Year?

When a raccoon is born in the wild, the chance of its survival is only fifty percent during the first year of its life. It is mainly due to the attack of predators. But if it can somehow survive the first year of its life, the raccoon has a chance of living for five to six years. In some rare cases, a raccoon has also been heard to live up to sixteen years of age in the wild.

Effect of Predators On The LifeSpan Of Raccoons

Predators have the worst effect on the lives of raccoons especially when they are young. In spite of being such smart animals, they are preyed on by the great horned owls, wolves, snakes, ocelots, foxes, lynx, coyotes, bears, crocodiles, and eagles. Apart from these, certain other large animals also kill the raccoons such as the pumas, mountain lions, and bobcats.

Effect of Diseases On The LifeSpan Of Raccoons

In North America, a large number of raccoons die every year due to a disease called distemper. It is a virus that can kill a raccoon very easily. This virus attacks the nervous system of the animal causing respiratory as well as gastrointestinal complications. This disease mostly attacks the young raccoons and they have a very rare chance of survival.

Final Words

Harsh cold winters can severely affect the lifespan of a raccoon. During the long winter season, the first challenge for a raccoon is to find a warm den to fit in and survive the extreme cold. Even if it is successful to find one, the next challenge for a raccoon is to find adequate food. As we all know, food becomes really scarce in winter, and raccoons may die due to starvation or extreme cold.

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