Are Raccoons Friendly?

The possibility of a raccoon becoming friendly with a human being has nowhere been denied. However, it has to be kept in mind that they are normally mischievous in nature. At the same time, raccoons are very much expensive as pets and unpredictable in behavior. Due to this reason, they are not recommended as pets by animal experts.

Are Raccoons Friendly?

By nature, a raccoon is not friendly towards a man. It will tend to run away upon seeing a man approaching it. However, there are instances of some raccoons becoming curious and even friendly with humans. If it can be trained or domesticated within six months of age, there is a chance that it can become friendly with its owner.

Can Raccoons Love Humans?

A raccoon can become amazingly loving towards its owner. If properly domesticated at a young age, a raccoon can develop a deep attachment with the person who is taking care of it. The raccoon can even spend long hours snuggling or cuddling with him. But as we all know, there is always the risk of biting or scratching if it becomes angry or frightened due to something.

Are Raccoons Friendly To Cats?

The study reveals that in the majority of cases, raccoons and cats do not have much problem getting along together. They can tolerate each other quite comfortably in comparison to the other animals. Raccoons have even been seen eating from the same dish as that of a cat. Due to this particular reason, the animal control offices are against feeding the cats outside the house.

Are Raccoons Friendly To Dogs?

The answer is no. Raccoons and dogs do not get along together at all. In fact, they hate each other. Dogs have a tendency to attack the raccoon when they face each other resulting in an ugly fight between the two. There are several instances when a raccoon has caused severe injury to the dog. In some cases, the raccoon has also killed the smaller dogs.

Can Raccoons Be Pets?

Yes, a raccoon can be domesticated as a pet. But the task will not be as easy as in the case of a dog or a cat. If you can domesticate or rehabilitate a raccoon by your hard work, there is the possibility that it may be a loving and playful pet for you. In fact, a pet raccoon can be trained in the house to become loving and affectionate. In most states, it is, however, not allowed to keep raccoons as pets.

Are Male Or Female Raccoons More Friendly?

Adult male raccoons live in solitude. They have a bigger territory to cover than the females. In the daylight, if you spot a raccoon moving nearby you can realize that it is a female one trying to fetch food for its offspring. If you are asking which gender tends to be more friendly or aggressive, then the answer is neither the male nor the female. They will attack only if it feels threatened.

Final Words

Being shy animals by nature, a raccoon will normally flee away when it sees you. But even if it does not retreat and appears to be calm and friendly, it is highly recommended not to approach the animal. At any moment it can become dangerous and pose a serious threat to your life.

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