When Do Raccoons Have Babies?

If you are living in a raccoon-prone area, it may so happen that one fine morning you wake up hearing the chattering, squealing and crying sounds. You may think that you are hearing the sounds of the babies of birds but upon going near, you discover that a raccoon in your vicinity has given birth to babies. Their eyes remain closed during birth and make crying sounds when hungry. The babies of raccoons are known as the kits or the cubs.

When Do Raccoons have Babies?

Mother raccoons normally give birth in the months between March and April which is the early spring season. However, if by any chance her first litter does not live, the mother raccoon may give birth in the month of June to a second litter. They can give birth from two to five babies at a time which is called litter. Every year they have only one such litter.

Raccoon babies are weaned at the age of eight to twelve weeks and they become independent at the age of eight to ten months. Some raccoons matured even faster and the females began to give birth to babies around the age of one year. They have a gestation period of about sixty-three days after mating and reproduce two to five babies generally in the spring days.

At the time of birth, their average weight is about three to five ounces. The baby raccoons are normally four to six inches long during birth and their tail is from 2 to 2 ¼ inches long. They have very light fur at the time of birth and they have a faint mask on their face.

When Are The Raccoon Babies Born?

Raccoon babies are called kits or cubs and they are born generally in the early spring between the months of March and April. The mating season of raccoons is between January and June and the babies are born after nine weeks or sixty-three days. At birth, the babies weigh three to five ounces and are normally around four to six inches in length.

How Many Babies Do Raccoons Give Birth To?

Litter is the number of babies born to a raccoon at one time. Under normal circumstances, a female raccoon has only one litter per year. In one litter, they give birth to two to five babies called the kits. If accidentally the first litter of a female raccoon does not survive, she can have a second litter normally in the month of June. The mother raccoon protects her babies from all dangers.

How Do Baby Raccoons Look During Birth?

At the time of birth, the baby raccoons or kits have very light fur on their body. Their characteristic trademark, that is the mask beneath their eyes, is not visible during birth but can be noticed as soon as they turn one week old. They are about four to six inches long at the time of birth and weigh around three to five ounces. The tails of baby raccoons are from 2 to 2 ¼ inches in length.

Where Do Raccoons Give Birth?

Earlier raccoons used to give birth to their babies inside the large holes of trees or the hollow parts of logs which they considered as their dens. But now they have been bound to adapt to the changes made in their environments due to human activities. So, they have discovered new places for their babies like the attics, sheds, and decks which are also warm and safe for the newborn offspring.

How Can You Know That A Racoon Has Given Birth To Babies?

Immediately after their birth, the baby raccoons can make sounds. If you hear constant crying, chattering, or squealing sounds in your vicinity, you will realize that raccoon babies are born. These sounds are often mistaken as the songs of birds. At the time of birth, the eyes of a baby raccoon remain closed. These babies start to move within the site of the den within six weeks of their birth.

How Long Do Baby Raccoons Tend To Stay With Their Mother?

If the baby raccoon is healthy and strong enough, it normally stays with its mother till the age of twelve weeks. When it becomes eight weeks of age, it gradually leaves the den behind the mother and goes to a new place. The mother raccoon typically leaves its baby during the fall or early winter season. In some cases, they may also allow the baby to stay with them till the next spring.

Can Baby Raccoons Survive Without The Help Of Their Mother?

A baby raccoon can survive on its own if it is above twelve weeks of age. But if it is younger than that age, the chances of its survival are very less without the mother. It does not however mean that if you happen to see a baby raccoon without its mother, you will go to rescue it. There are chances that the mother has gone in search of food and she will come back.

What Does Baby Raccoon Love To Play With?

Baby raccoons love to have fun and they are happy to play with simple things that you give them. You can keep ice cubes in the bowl from which they drink water. They will be happy to play with it. Freezing grapes on the ice are also fun for it. You can also hide treats like grapes in the enclosure where they stay. It is fun for a baby raccoon to get these out from these places.

Final Words

Baby raccoons are very cute and they love to play and have fun. They start to move around on their own at the age of three weeks. At the age of six to eight weeks, the babies start to go out of their den following their mother. They will leave their mother during the fall or in early winter. Some may even stay till the following spring.

If you have spotted a baby raccoon alone in a place, please try to have a close look at it. If it is warm and not injured or sick, and it has not bitten or scratched anyone, chances are that its mother is nearby. So, kindly put it back from where it came from or in any other suitable place nearby so that the mother can find it when she returns.

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