Are Raccoons Legal Pets?

California Code of Regulations has restricted the ownership of some wild animals in the United States. Raccoons are one of those restricted animals along with zebras, lemurs, skunks, prairie dogs, alligators, wolf dogs, cheetahs, and certain big cats. So, if you want to keep a raccoon in your home as a pet, you will have to obtain a special permit from the State Government.

Are Raccoons Legal Pets?

Raccoons are wild creatures and owning one as a pet is illegal in most states. However, there are sixteen states in the United States where it is legal. So, if you are planning to have a pet raccoon, we recommend making sure whether it is legal in your state or not. Even if it is legally permitted in your state, an additional wild animal permit may also be required.

Which Are The States Where It Is Legal To Own A Pet Raccoon?

As told earlier, raccoons are not legal to keep in most states. The good news is that in the United States, it is lawfully permitted in sixteen states to own a raccoon as a pet. These states are Delaware, Florida, Arkansas, Indiana, North Carolina, Michigan, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Nebraska, South Carolina, Wyoming, Wisconsin, Rhode Island, West Virginia, Oklahoma, and Texas.

Are There Any Regulations For Keeping Raccoons As Legal Pets?

You will have to make a thorough research about the rules and regulations of your state before owning a pet raccoon. This is because along with the laws relating to owning a raccoon and the wild animal permit, there may also be certain regulations for the same. These regulations are made as raccoons are wild animals and if they are problematic may be put to death humanely.

Are Raccoons Legal Pets In the UK?

There are certain restrictions relating to owning a wild animal in most countries. In the UK, keeping a raccoon was lawful till the year 2015. However, in the month of August 2016, new wildlife laws were introduced after which it has now become illegal to breed, sell or keep a raccoon as a pet. But the people already owning a raccoon prior to the enactment of the law were allowed to keep it.

Are Raccoons Legal Pets In Japan?

As told earlier, raccoons are wild animals and it is essential to maintain laws and regulations in owning them as pets. These laws are made so that they do not become a danger or problematic for the people living nearby. Like most of the countries around the world, the Japanese Government has also banned the owning of raccoons and their import from the United States.

Final Words

If you are living in one of the sixteen states mentioned above and thinking to own a pet, we recommend looking for the additional regulations needed for the said purpose. In North Carolina, the approval of a vet is required before owning one. In Arkansas, you cannot keep more than five raccoons at a time. Therefore, you have to check both the state as well as the local laws.

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