How High Can Raccoons Jump?

Raccoons cannot jump high like cats, dogs, or hares. They can jump merely a few feet from the ground level. Their body has been made in such a way that it does not support very good jumping ability. However, raccoons have a special capacity like a cat. If they jump, fall down, or are thrown from a great height, they can still land on their feet without breaking any bone.

How High Can Raccoons Jump?

Similar to cats, raccoons are also very good at jumping from heights. They can jump from a height of about forty feet or even more. They can also jump as far as ten feet but it will depend upon the height from which they are jumping. But if we speak about jumping from the ground, raccoons are not very good at it. In this case, they can reach only four feet high and five feet far.

Why Raccoons Cannot Jump High?

Animals like cats, dogs, and rabbits are good at jumping due to their physical structure. But unlike these animals, raccoons have smaller front paws and their hind muscles are also heavier and longer. These features do not support a raccoon when it tries to jump from the ground level. Normally they also gain a considerable weight making it a real challenge for them to jump high.

How High Can Raccoons Jump Vertically And Laterally?

As we all know, raccoons are very good both in climbing as well as jumping. But since they are not good at jumping from the ground level, they prefer to climb up to a convenient height first and then jump to their destination from there. So if they are jumping from a tree or any other high point, raccoons can cover a distance as far as three to four feet both vertically as well as laterally.

Can Raccoon Jump High Like A Cat?

A healthy cat can jump over a six to eight feet high fence very easily. Raccoons do not have that much leaping ability. They believe more in adapting to the surroundings than reaching for something directly from the ground. They have excellent climbing skills supported by their well-equipped claws and prefer to jump down rather than up.

Is It A Disadvantage For A Raccoon?

Raccoons are very clever animals and it is not at all a disadvantage that they cannot jump very high. They are very intelligent and will comfortably find out a way to reach even high places for food. Research shows that their brain always remains active and they have excellent memory power. In fact, they are so smart that they easily open lids, doors, and even locks.

Final Words

After knowing that a raccoon cannot jump very high like the feline animals, you may wonder how it has reached the roof of your house. The answer is that most probably it has not leaped over something to reach there. The Raccoon might have climbed into a tree first and jumped on your roof from there. Being quite fragile, it is a very common practice for a raccoon.

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