Can You Keep A Wild Rabbit As A Pet?

A cute bunny is one of the most adorable things, and almost all kids love to have one as a pet. But if you want to buy one from a pet store or a breeder, it can be really expensive. Most families cannot afford them. There is, however, an alternative option. You can choose to adopt a wild rabbit and keep it as your pet. But before you do it, there are some reasons that you should consider.

Can you keep a wild rabbit as a pet? Firstly, keeping a wild rabbit at home is illegal in most places. Secondly, they can carry diseases that may be harmful to human beings. Thirdly, wild rabbits can be more prone to biting. And finally, you cannot be sure that the mother of the rabbit has abandoned it. If you still want to keep a wild rabbit as your pet, there are plenty of things that you need to know.

Is it Possible to Domesticate a Wild Rabbit?

Most wild rabbits can never be totally comfortable with human beings. They will always search for an opportunity to escape. You will have to keep the wild rabbit in a large cage where it can move freely.

Younger bunnies are much easier to tame than older wild rabbits. Also, you cannot keep a wild rabbit together with your domesticated bunnies. There will not only be an unnecessary risk of passing along a disease, but another reason being that they can never breed.

Therefore, although it is possible to domesticate a wild rabbit, you will have to keep these factors in mind.

How to Tame a Wild Rabbit?

When a wild rabbit sees you for the first time, its natural instinct is to run away. Do not try to stop it and let it go. After some time, it will come back to you. Then maintain a little distance and lie down on the ground. This will make the wild rabbit feel more secure. Try not to smell like Fido or Fluffy as it can make you feel like an enemy of the rabbit. Give the rabbit some tasty treats to eat. Then start talking to it in a low and gentle voice. In this way, you can tame a wild rabbit but it will take some time, patience, and a few tricks.

Difference between a Wild Rabbit and a Domesticated Rabbit

A domesticated rabbit living indoors normally has a lifespan of 8 to 12 years if cared properly. On the other hand, a wild rabbit unfortunately can live up to 2 years.

Another difference lies in their diets. A domesticated rabbit needs good quality pellets, fresh vegetables, and freshwater all the time while a wild rabbit can survive on grasses, wildflowers, clover, and field crops.

Another difference lies in their behavior. The domestic rabbits enjoy digging and find comfort in dark places, such as dome homes and cardboard boxes while the wild rabbits dig tunnels for themselves to sleep and also to raise their kids.

Final Words

Although a wild rabbit can be domesticated, however, keeping in mind the local laws, biting factor, a shorter life span, and diseases; we recommend investing in a domesticated rabbit rather than a wild one. Now it is up to you to decide considering all the factors mentioned above as well as the environment of your respective houses.

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