How Much Space Does A Rabbit Need?

Rabbits are cuddly creatures that make great pets. If you want to adopt a small creature for your home, then rabbits are the best option available to you. They are playful, energetic and can be very friendly with the children. But many people think that these innocent-looking creatures are low-maintenance pets. In reality, it is not so. They need as much care and responsibility as a dog or a cat.

So you need to consider how much space a rabbit needs and it’s living arrangements before you bring home a bunny as a pet. You also have to keep in mind some other factors like the size of the rabbit hutch or cage. This is because it is not the same for all kinds of rabbits. It will depend upon the breed of your particular rabbit and also the total number of rabbits you want to keep in the cage.

What Should Be The Ideal Dimension Of The Cage Of Your Rabbit?

You have to make sure that your pet rabbit is happy and healthy all the time. So you must give it sufficient space so that it can grow and move freely. Please keep in mind how much space is available in your house. After that choose the rabbit breed you want to adopt. The size of a rabbit will be different from one breed to another. Some breeds are comparatively bigger in size but are lazy. There are others that are relatively smaller but run around a lot.

How much space does a Rabbit need? A pet rabbit requires a minimum space of 12 square feet which is equivalent to 1.1 square meters for its living. As a thumb rule, the size of the cage should be at least four times larger than the size of your rabbit. A cage having dimensions of 30 inches x 36 inches is ideal for a bigger rabbit and 24 inches x 36 inches is perfect for a smaller one. If you have two rabbits in your home, a two-story condo-style cage is the best. The rabbits will simply love it.

Is it Okay to Let Your Pet Run Loose?

It is totally up to you to decide how much freedom you want to give to your pet rabbit. If you have newly adopted a bunny, we recommend letting it get used to the environment of his cage first. In the initial days, if you let your rabbit loose, it may do a lot of damage and can also litter everywhere which may be risky for it. Give it proper training so that it knows where to feed and drink and how far to litter. Once it understands all these, it will be safe for the rabbit to let loose.

Final Words

Most people bring home a pet without understanding their responsibilities. A rabbit needs care and attention just like any other pet. It also needs love and affection and it is your duty to make it feel so. Along with the space required for food and water, they also need space for running around, digging, and hopping. So make sure that your pet rabbit gets ample space for its living because it always deserves the best of everything.

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