Do Spiders Drink Water?

Spiders are often an enigma to scientists and pet enthusiasts due to their antics and life cycle. Contrary to popular beliefs, a spider can be a great pet for anyone searching for a low-maintenance pet.

A lot of people often have one common question- Do Spiders drink water? Well, the answer is-“Yes!” A spider is also a living being, and they need water to sustain their life and complete their physiological functions.

Do Spiders Drink Water?

Most people get this idea as the spiders are not seen drinking water.

The truth is, a spider indeed drinks water; they might not drink water like other animals, like cats, birds, or dogs. But they also have an adequate intake of water. Otherwise, a spider will die due to dehydration.

If you have the same question, this article is just right for you. Here you can find all the answers to your question to get a clear idea about how spiders live and eat.

How do spiders drink water?

Well, all the spiders from different species drink water like any living being. So they have a minimum regular water intake amount to fulfill.

In general, a spider gets their water intake through its prey. Hence, they try to catch hydrated and nutritious prey which can fulfill their nutritional needs. But, this may not be enough for a lot of spiders.

Many spiders also drink water from the morning and evening dew. They usually collect the dew from leaves or from any nearby sources. Larger spiders that live in the wild may also drink water from the puddles and from the water accumulated over leaves.

So, how do Spiders drink water?

If a spider feels thirsty, it will find nearby sources to get some water to get hydrated. After finding the desired source, the spider proceeds to drink water. A spider does not have a mouth that is capable of drinking water like humans or other animals. Instead, they have muscles to intake water.

Spiders use these muscles to suck the water or any other kind of fluid inside their body. They place their legs and pedipalps near the water source to remain balanced and near the water. After this, a spider lowers its frontal body, including its mouth. The spiders use the chelicerae and their fangs to reach the water. They gently suck the water inside their body and continue to get their fill.

The interesting fact is that a spider can take a long time to drink water. They are slow drinkers and may take minutes to drink water. The time can vary from species to species.

A few minutes, like ten minutes, can be enough to get their water fill for smaller species. But, larger species require hours to drink water. Bigger species like tarantulas can take more than one hour to drink water.

The time to drink water also depends on how dehydrated the spider is. For example, a severely dehydrated Tarantula spider may drink water for five years to drink and get hydrated again.

How does a spider find its water source?

Well, a spider should always live near a water source to ensure they get hydration whenever they require it.

Wild spiders have their own way of finding water resources from nature. But, unfortunately, they also prey on healthier insects to get enough hydration during hunting.

Spiders that live in jungles usually drink from the water puddles or the dew. The rainfall and dewfall on the ground and create small puddles. Besides that, they also trap dewdrops and raindrops on their web and drink from there. On the other hand, a spider can also intake water through the humidity present.

In the case of desert spiders, the water collection varies differently. They usually cover their living place with a dense web and catch the water from dews and other sources.

In general, such desert spiders collect water from evening to dawn and drink it in the morning. Some desert spiders can also consume nectar from flowers to get hydration.

There are also a few unique spider species. The underwater species like the diving bell spider live in the water. So they do not have to worry about water sources a lot.

How to give pet spiders water?

In the case of pet spiders, pet owners need to be cautious while offering them water. The cage in which you keep a spider should contain a water bowl. A shallow bowl is a great choice. This prevents accidental fall off your pet in the water. A ceramic or stainless steel bowl is ideal as it is easy to clean and lasts for a long time.
Pet spiders should be fed filtered water that is free of any impurities. You can use bottled water or tap water as per your preference. Eater water should be free of chlorine, fluoride, BPA, and other harmful chemical components.

Experts recommend feeding the pet spiders twice a week according to their diet regimen. But, you should always keep a water bowl inside the cage to ensure your spider does not get dehydrated and can take a few sips whenever they like it.

Young spiders can be fed through a syringe or dropper or a medical dropper. Besides that, pet owners also need to keep a watchful eye on their pets. If the pet seems to be severely dehydrated, they need to give their pet water to save it.

You can fill a syringe or a medical dropper with water and use it to feed your pet. While feeding, first flip your spider on its back to ease the whole procedure. After that, drip a small drop of water inside its mouth. Again, you need to be patient and allow your spider time to drink it comfortably. In general, three to four drops are enough for a regular spider.

Final Words

Hence, now it is clear that spiders indeed drink water like any living animal. They may be a slow drinker, but they also require water to live a healthy life. Spiders use their mouthparts chelicerae to suck water droplets from different sources.

Pet spiders may not require water frequently, but they should be fed properly to prevent dehydration.

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