Do tarantulas have a brain?

The tarantulas are considered to be exotic pets all across the globe. They are considered to have interesting personalities and are mostly considered harmless towards human beings. They are cold-blooded and are nocturnal.

The web-like structure which is quite silky is used to make them aware of the potential prey in their surroundings. Unlike the spiders they do not make a web to catch their prey, they prefer hunting them.

They do not show any kind of emotion towards each other. The act of mating is performed as a result of a biological urge rather than being attracted towards each other. The hair covering its body acts as receptors of the vibrations around it. They make full use of their sensory organs to gather information about their whereabouts. They have two sets of book lungs and each of them consists of a few countable numbers of thin sheets of folded tissue. The thin sheets are the tissues that are supplied by the blood vessels. The oxygen is taken into the bloodstream through the blood vessels in the lungs. The blood of the tarantula is also not considered true blood. It is a liquid substance called hemolymph and is only found to be of four different types to date. The heart is mainly operated by nerves rather than muscles which proves it has a strong nervous system.

What is the structure of their brain?

A creature cannot be considered as being “brainless” if it is able to carry various respiratory and circulatory activities. The brain is considered to be the master of all the actions being performed in the body.

The tarantulas are considered to have a strong neurological structure. The various day-to-day activities performed by them are strongly based on the sense to feel their surrounding areas. The brain is located at the bottom of the inner prosoma and is mostly dependent on its sensory organs.

They are considered intelligent enough to survive but not intelligent enough to feel any sort of emotions. The tarantulas have an epipharyngeal ganglion which means they have a cluster of nerve cells that carries all the functions of their body.

Most scientists believe tarantulas do not have a brain which is still a topic of discussion. However, they are considered to have strong instincts rather than thoughts. They cannot remember anything and are mostly considered dumb by various people around the globe.

They do not have any feelings of happiness or sadness. Recent research done on them proves that they do feel the pain when it’s hurt. They tend to react with a hiss or will have anxious behavior if it’s hurt. They are considered to be hypersensitive in nature and are often seen pacing around or being aggressive when it’s hurt.

The tarantulas might not be able to feel any kind of emotions but they do exhibit traits of being able to sense their surrounding areas. They can feel the pain as they have strong mechanical stimuli.

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