Why do Tarantulas Dance?

Often tarantulas are seen spinning in small circles with their legs stretched high. They also raise their bodies and continue the dance for some time. It is popularly known as the “Happy dance”. You may not always get a chance to do this large spider performing some great moves, but they are good dancers. But, their dance is not a show-off of their emotions. Often Tarantulas dance to complete different tasks and physiological functions.

Why do tarantulas dance? A Tarantula’s dance in circular motion is a delight for any spectator. This loving arachnid dances with elegance. But, this dance is not just to show their affection. They may perform their dance while weaving their webs or during hunting. On the other hand, the male tarantulas also dance during mating to impress the females. Dancing allows them to complete multiple works, including cleaning their nest.

Tarantulas perform their dance in circling moves. Scientists have come up with multiple theories to find the cause. In general, tarantulas usually dance when they are happy or get great food. Sometimes, a tarantula may also dance while webbing. In a few cases, it may dance if it gets alerted. Hence, multiple causes lead a Tarantula to start dancing with its famous moves.

A tarantula dances during mating

Wild tarantulas display this behavior as they live in a natural environment. In general, tarantulas start mating from late August to early October. During this time, the male tarantulas search for potential female spiders. The male searches for females, which usually remain rested in the burrows.

Male spiders dance to attract female spiders. This spirited dance is a way to come closer to the female. If a female is attracted, the male continues to mate. But, males usually need to flee as soon as mating is complete, or they might get cannibalized by the female.

Dance to maintain hygiene

Tarantulas have a keen eye on hygiene. They need to keep their nest clean and free of any harmful germs. A lot of pet handlers believe that tarantulas perform the dance while cleaning their nest. Usually, these larger spiders create webs that cover the floor to prevent food from dropping on the ground. This way, it prevents food wastage and dirtiness.

A tarantula may dance if it is alerted

According to researchers, dancing helps a tarantula to weave webs. A tarantula uses the dance moves to sense through the vibrations and continues weaving. Since they need to use their fangs during webbing, they become vulnerable. The dance alerts them if anything approaches them while eating or weaving. With dancing, it understands if any living being is approaching it and decides to hunt or protect itself from any threat.

They use it during weaving

Tarantulas also use their dancing as a convenient way of weaving webs. They spin webs with their circular dance moves and ensure they get a secure nest. Additionally, dancing also allows them to leave a web for hunting down their prey. Their dancing motion helps them find the best spot for weaving and allows them to have a proper web to catch prey.

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