Do Tarantulas make Noise?

Some tarantulas, in addition to standing up on their hind legs in a protective attitude, create a hissing or rasping noise as a warning to predators (including humans) to keep away. This roar may be heard up to 15 feet away, according to scientists at The National Zoo, thus it might be considered quite loud.

Do tarantulas have vocal cords?

The answer to this question is a big no! They do not have vocal cords and don’t vocalize in any way. The anatomy of tarantulas makes them breathe through their book lungs and not their mouth. They do produce a hissing noise or a rasping noise when it senses a threat in its surrounding. The “hiss” is considered as an audible defense mechanism that is used to warn their predators.

A study done on tarantulas showed that the noise called stridulation is created when it rubs the specialized bristles on the hind legs together. It was believed that the sound was produced by their mouth for the longest time. This theory was later discarded once it was found they lack vocal cords.

The noise made by the hind legs can be easily heard up to around 15 feet and hence it was considered to be loud. The noise produced can be easily heard by human beings and can be considered as a warning to just leave them alone.

The tarantulas are not found to be venomous towards human beings but they do tend to bite as a defense mechanism. The hair-like structures released from its body are enough to irritate our skin and make us feel uncomfortable.

The goliath-bird-eating spider is considered the largest spider in the world. It is one of the common species in tarantula to make a noisy sound as a defense mechanism. This tarantula is not considered a friendly one as it is aggressive in nature and tends to attack if it’s threatened by the presence in its surroundings.

The Mombasa golden starburst tarantula and the king baboon spider are also considered to be noisy and aggressive.

The Chilean rose-haired tarantulas are considered to be the quiet ones. They are believed to have a good nature and are considered to have a docile temper. They are friendly as compared to others and can be held without being bitten until and unless you unknowingly threaten them.

The tarantulas while mating do not produce any sound. This gives us an idea that they do not use sounds to communicate with each other.

The tarantulas having aggressive traits are good in a way as it alarms us to stay away from them.

They are not seen attacking human beings like their prey. They tend to run away and hide rather than attack you right away.

They have a strong stimulus and are easily able to detect vibrations and movements in its surroundings. It is best to know more about what you are dealing with rather than blindly holding them and threatening them in any way possible.

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