Do Tarantulas need Water?

Every creature, living organism on Earth needs water to survive. Spiders such as Tarantulas also need water to maintain their biological reactions. These large creepy crawlies have their distinct way of getting water to continue thriving.

Do tarantulas Need water? Yes, Tarantulas indeed need water. Water plays a significant role during their lifespan. They also require water to maintain their physiological functions and prevent dehydration. Without water, it may die from dehydration.

Mainly it fulfills the need for water through its prey. A Tarantula has unique types of sucking muscles inside the stomach. After capturing a prey, it liquefies the prey body inside its mouth, then it moves down to the stomach, and finally, the muscles suck the nutrients from the prey, plus most of the water comes from the prey. This liquid or semi-liquid flesh or the prey offers enough moisture to a spider.

Sometimes Tarantulas need water to maintain the moisture of their body. So, you can see Tarantula near small water bodies. Usually, a Tarantula drinks from tiny poodles of rainwater. It may also drink water from the dewdrops collected on a leaf.

How do Tarantulas drink Water?

Tarantulas have a small mouth opening between their fangs. From there, they drink water. They possess a unique organ called chelicerae. Tarantulas put this chelicera inside the water and suck water from it. But you cannot frequently see that tarantulas drink water. It depends on your luck because Tarantulas rarely do such things in daylight in front of everyone. Scientists observed that if they sense any danger, they dare not to drink water.

Why Does Tarantula Need a Water Bowl?

According to some Ethnologists, Tarantulas need a water bowl too. This topic still contains a lot of controversy among scientists.

Many people who have Tarantula as a pet cannot provide water bowls. But if you have a Tarantula pet, then you can give him a water bowl. Especially if the environment is dry, then your Tarantula must drink water.

You can give him a shallow depth water dish but not too in-depth. Some desert and grassland species also need water though they have dry cages. Many companies manufacture water bowls according to the needs of your species. You can go through it.

How do you know that your Tarantula is dehydrated?

Tarantulas have shriveled abdomen, which is the most prominent sign that tarantulas drink water. If you see that your pet’s abdomen is shrunk and looks skinny, then get alarmed.

There is a high chance that your pet is dehydrated due to the environment or cannot drink water. In such a case you have to provide water to him as soon as possible.

Final Words

Tarantulas are one of the wandering creatures of our planet. They show greater affinity to their owners. It generally molts every six month. If you have a Tarantula pet, then you have to try to maintain its natural environment. Give him food from time to time, also provide him food, water and especially be aware of the temperature of your room.

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