How Long Are Rabbits Pregnant?

Rabbits have a unique style of reproducing. They give birth to litters at a fantastic rate to ensure their species lives on the earth and continues to thrive. So, how long do the females remain pregnant before giving birth? Here you will find all the details related to pregnancy in rabbits inducing their pregnancy tenure.

Pregnancy tenures in rabbits

Well, rabbits have a shorter length of pregnancy, and even though there is no specific time limit, the cycle is nearly one month long. Pregnant rabbits will give birth after 31 to 33 days of their pregnancy, making their pregnancy one of the shortest among mammals.

Female rabbits prepare their nest during the gestation period and ensure a comfortable nursery is ready for their children. In most rabbits, the procedure is intuitive, and they usually prepare themselves for going through a long procedure for kindling.

So, what is kindling? In rabbits, the babies are called a kit, and the procedure of giving birth is called kindling.

How do rabbits get pregnant?

In rabbits, the way towards pregnancy is different from humans. The female rabbits do not have any estrous cycle, and hence, they do not go through menstrual bleeding. Instead, they are induced ovulators.

Do female rabbits require external stimulation to undergo ovulation? If a doe senses a buck (male rabbit) in its vicinity, it will get aroused and attract the male. It can only release its eggs if it gets some stimulation (mounting) from the male.

Rabbits usually mate for a few minutes only. The male first mounts the female, which causes the letter to release its eggs. The make then releases its sperm inside the female. Usually, the eggs get fertilized within one day of mating.

Signs that a female rabbit is pregnant-

Rabbits also display multiple signs during their motherhood. You can use the following methods to check if your rabbit is pregnant-

1. Palpate

Babies start to form inside the mother’s womb after 12 to 13 days. During this time, the babies can be felt as small lumps in the abdominal region of the doe. Doctors and pet handlers use the technique of palpating to determine its pregnancy.

First, gently cradle the rabbit’s lower body with your hands. Next, place your thumb on the right side of its abdomen and your fingers on the left. This way, you will be able to feel the growing embryos as small lumps. In general, if the doe has lumps the size of grapes, then it is pregnant.

2. The doe is building a nursery

Pregnant rabbits build nests to prepare for childbirth, and they will build a secure place to nurse the babies till their eyes open. If you find that your rabbit is collecting twigs, leaves, hay, and even its own fur to line the nest and has put on a lot of weight, it is pregnant.
Pregnant rabbits will have developed mammary glands and will start to produce milk for their children.

Final Words

Pregnant rabbits require extra care and a safe place to give birth. The usually give birth after 31-33 days of pregnancy and nurses their babies for four weeks. Multiple signs can help you to deduce the pregnancy of your pet.

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