Where Do Rabbits Live?

Bunnies are among the most loved pets all over the world. You will find a rabbit in almost every part of the world. These animals are some of the most social animals and love to interact with those who are not a threat.

Despite being raised as pets, bunnies also live in the world. There are different species of wild rabbits also. Pet rabbits are usually kept inside a nesting cage. But, what about the wild bunnies? Where do they live? Read on to know more about their natural habitats.

Where do rabbits live? In general, rabbits maintain a colony. They are social and often love to live and play in groups, resulting in living in a colony or group. Such a lifestyle allows them to evade threats and predators in the wild.

Rabbits usually live underground. They dig tunnels inside the ground. Their tunnels are dug strategically to house the whole colony. Besides that, they also have different entries and exits to evade any sudden attacks. The several lateral entries allow them to take refuge during an attack quickly.

The tunnels and burrows are called warrens. You can find these tunnels in grasslands, jungles, meadows or even deserts- where a bunny lives.

Usually, rabbits dig deep warrens of a depth of five to eight meters. The earrings can even go deeper than nine meters in certain situations!

Where do baby rabbits live?

The baby rabbits do not live inside the regular colony. These kittens usually live with their mother in a different warren.

The mother usually digs a separate nursery tunnel beside the residence of the group. Here the mother nurses the babies and makes them grown enough to live in the wild. The mother covers it with twigs, grasses, dried leaves and even its own fur. Often pregnant rabbits pluck the fur from their chest to make their nursery.

If the mother needs to venture out to eat, it may hide its nest with dirt and twigs or grass. But, all breeds do not use this technique. For example, cottontail rabbits usually dig a small and shallow burrow to prepare their nest and hide it in plain sight with grass or leaves.

The babies usually join the colony after they become at least four weeks old.

So how should you house your pet rabbit?

Your pet rabbit should be given a comfortable living place. They can be kept inside a cage, or you may let them roam freely. You can also do a combination strategy and give your bunnies enough time to venture outside.

A rabbit should live in five times its size cage to ensure it gets enough space to exercise. The cage should have a proper lining and a letterbox. Besides that, you should also provide them with a space to eat their food and a water dripper or water bowl.

Final Words

Rabbits live in underground tunnels or warrens in groups. They dig deep tunnels of 8 to 9 feet. The mothers dig a separate nursery to keep their children safe. On the other hand, pet rabbits usually live in cages.

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