What Do Baby Raccoons Eat?

Raccoon babies are born with faint dark masks across the eyes which are their trademark of physical characteristics. They have rings around the tail and very light fur. Although the rings around the tail are not visible at the time of birth, they can be seen as soon as the babies are about one week old.

What Do Baby Raccoons Eat?

Baby raccoons are born in early spring between the months of March and April. They are called kits and are totally dependent on their mother. Baby raccoons drink milk from their mother and they are generally fed five times a day. They survive on milk only until they are weaned from eight to ten weeks of age. Thereafter, they can have all kinds of food that a grown-up raccoon eats.

What Do Baby Raccoons Eat Without A Mother?

If you have rescued an abandoned baby raccoon without a mother, you have to be extremely careful about its feeding. After several types of research, it has come to light that the best replacement for mother’s milk is the kitten milk replacement. It has been worldwide recognized when it comes to actual food. The next choice can be Esbilac for the baby raccoon. Both resemble mother milk closely.

How Often Should A Baby Raccoon Be Fed?

If you have adopted a baby raccoon and kept it as a pet, you have to be very punctual about its feeding hours, especially up to the age of six to eight weeks. During this period you will have to feed it through a bottle after every four hours which means at least five times a day. You will again have to make the baby burp after each bottle just like a human baby.

Can Baby Raccoons Drink Water?

Yes, the baby raccoon can be given water to drink. A bottle of rehydrated solution can be dipped in a container full of hot water. Wait till the solution turns to body temperature and then feed the baby raccoon from the bottle. It is done so that the solution matches the temperature of the mother raccoon’s milk and in this way, it will be easily absorbed into the digestive system of the baby.

When Can A Baby Raccoon Eat Solid Food?

A baby raccoon starts to walk as well as climb at the age of six weeks and can weigh about 550 grams. At this age, they will be around twelve to fourteen inches long. At the age of eight weeks, the baby raccoons leave the den following their mother and go to another den. Thereafter they are weaned within ten to twelve weeks and start eating solid food like mice, chicks, and smelts.

Final Words

A baby raccoon should not be fed Soymilk, goat milk, cow milk, or milk products made for human babies. These kinds of milk are likely to make the baby raccoon ill. The most common problems caused by these types of milk are malnutrition, dehydration, or even the death of the baby raccoon.

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