How Smart Are Raccoons?

Raccoons are very intelligent and have an unbelievable good memory. They can remember the solution of problems even after three years. They can open the lids of garbage bins that are specially designed to prevent them.

How Smart Are Raccoons?

Raccoons are very smart and intelligent animals. This statement is supported by recent research conducted on the brain of raccoons by the University of Vanderbilt. Raccoons have a small brain compared to other animals. But the study shows that they have about 438 million neurons in their brain. This can be considered to be a scale level of intelligence in mammals.

Why Are Racoons So Intelligent?

Raccoons have an excellent presence of mind and they can act upon really fast when they sense danger. The study reveals that a raccoon can even be smarter than a human toddler. They are curious by nature and very hard to trap. When a predator comes nearby, raccoons can sense the danger and they will immediately flee away. It is the same if you try to catch or hunt it down.

How Good Is The Memory Of Raccoons?

Raccoons are Clever, Crafty, and Smart. They are intelligent animals with high IQ and amazing memory power. Raccoons are also skilled learners. They can not only solve the problems really fast but also have the capacity to remember the solution. According to research, raccoons are known to use the solution to the problem years later from the period when they have learned it.

Are Raccoons More Intelligent Than The Dogs?

A question that often arises in our minds is whether the dogs are more intelligent or the raccoons. To find out the answer, research has been conducted recently. It concluded that raccoons were found to be smarter and more intelligent than dogs and cats. The mental ability of the raccoons was found to be very close to the intelligence of monkeys.

Who Is Smarter Raccoon Or Cat?

As we all know, humans are the most intelligent species. After humans, the most intelligent animals are monkeys. A very interesting discovery about the intelligence of raccoons revealed that they are ranked above cats and dogs. However, their intelligence is ranked just below the monkeys. Therefore, it can be concluded that the intelligence of raccoons is not far behind humans.

Can Raccoons Show Affection?

Yes, raccoons can be remarkably affectionate towards its owner if raised in captivity from a very young age. If they can be domesticated in a disciplined manner, raccoons can show deep affection towards a man just like a dog. They often spend hours with their owners cuddling or snuggling with them. We still recommend being cautious not to receive any bite while playing with it.

Final Words

Although raccoons have a tendency to run away from seeing a man, however, they can be very friendly with a human if trained when they are young. There are several stories based on facts about the bonding of a man with his raccoon raised in captivity. But still, you should always be alert while trying to be friendly with a raccoon as they are unpredictable by nature.

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