Are Raccoons Bulletproof?

Raccoons are relatively small animals that can grow up to the size of a small dog. Every year they are hunted down in large numbers for their meat and fur. They are also caught and harvested for feeding the pets, especially the bred dogs like coonhounds. In fact, raccoon hunting is a very old practice that started several centuries back and can be traced as back as the 1800 century.

Are Raccoons Bulletproof?

No, Raccoons cannot be said to be bulletproof. If you are using a 177 caliber air rifle, a raccoon can be killed by a single shot to the head. However, if you have missed the headshot and are aiming for the body, you may require more than one bullet to kill a raccoon. You should be extremely careful while hunting a raccoon because some are known to have mad ninja skills.

Are Raccoons Tough?

Raccoons are of course tough enough to survive any kind of adversities. They are very good swimmers and excellent climbers. They have another special ability just like a cat. Even if it falls from a great height, the raccoon can land on its feet without breaking any bones. They have the ability to survive almost any kind of fall from almost any height.

Are Raccoons Tough Enough To Kill A Person?

A raccoon will not normally attack a person unless they feel threatened by him. They are not known to consider humans as their prey. However, in exceptional circumstances, they can attack a man if they are frightened and cause severe injuries. Although a raccoon killing a man is seldom heard of, there are numerous instances where a wild raccoon has inflicted severe injuries on human beings.

Why Are Raccoons Not Afraid Of Man?

Raccoons are generally not afraid of a man as they are intelligent and know their capabilities. They are strong animals and can defend themselves in almost any kind of circumstances. In the United States, they used to stay away from humans before the 1970s. However, due to urbanization they have now moved to the cities and started living near man thereby reducing the fear of humans.

Are Raccoons Stronger Than A Cat And A Dog?

Although a raccoon is not likely to attack a cat if by chance a fight takes place the raccoon will surely have an upper hand. Dogs and raccoons do not like each other and fights between them are very common. If it is a dog of a small breed, there are chances that it may get killed in the encounter. Even if it is a big breed of dog, still then the raccoon will not back off and may cause serious injuries.

Final Words

There is no animal in the world that can be called bulletproof. In the past, there may have been some animals like the dinosaurs which can be termed like that. But at present, when the rhinoceros can be killed by the shot of a gun, raccoons are in no way even close to it. In fact, a large number of raccoons are hunted down every year.

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