Are Raccoons Color Blind?

Raccoons are myopic, meaning that they cannot see the long-distance very clearly. However, they are short-sighted which means that they can see short distances well enough. It helps them to catch their prey and survive the odds. Raccoons can also see well in the dark but not so good in the daylight. Research reveals that they are either color blind or weak color vision animals.

Are Raccoons Color Blind?

Raccoons are not known to distinguish properly between the different shades of colors. So, they can be said to be color blind. It is not confirmed about the other colors but according to research, they can surely recognize the green light. They can see well in the dark due to a layer of tissue called the tapetum lucidum present in their eyes that reflects light.

Can Raccoons See Well During The Day?

Raccoons can hear very well and their night vision is also perfect. However, they cannot see very well during the daylight. This is one of the reasons why they are nocturnal. They prefer to spend most of the day sleeping in their dens and go out at night in search of food. However, they are very good at adapting to circumstances and can be seen to be active even during the day.

Does A Raccoon See Well At Night?

Yes, raccoons have excellent night vision due to which they are known as nocturnal animals. At night, the eyes of a raccoon may appear to be yellowish or gold in color. There is a structure called the tapetum lucidum in the eyes of raccoons which helps them to see better at night. It reflects light allowing them to see just perfect in the dark.

Can A Raccoon See Red Light At Night?

It is hard for a raccoon to see the red color at night. This is why the raccoon hunters prefer to use this color at night in order to hunt them down. However, if the red color is too bright, the raccoons may shy away although they are not able to identify the color. So the hunters while searching for raccoons at night always prefer to keep the light turned low.

Does Light Keep Raccoons Away?

Raccoons have a tendency to destroy almost everything that they can find. So, it is always desirable to keep them away from your yard. Being nocturnal animals, raccoons hate the bright lights. Many people who live in raccoon-prone areas, often make use of the bright spotlights that are like daylight to keep them out of the area of their house. Raccoons are, in fact, scared of bright lights.

Final Words

Raccoons can see exceptionally well at night or in the darkness but their eyesight is not that good during the daytime. So, the question arises how can they move so smoothly even during the day? The answer is raccoons have an excellent sense of touch, unlike most other animals. They have a tendency to touch everything constantly and feel around which also helps them in moving.

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