Where Do Raccoons Sleep?

Due to their intelligence and curious nature, raccoons have the ability to survive almost any kind of environment. Generally, they prefer to lead a solitary life but can live in small groups during the harsh winter days and take cover in the dens. The winter shelters of raccoons also consist of woodchuck burrows, rock crevices, hollow trees, and abandoned buildings.

Where Do Raccoons Sleep?

Raccoons build dens inside the large holes of trees and the hollow parts of logs that have already fallen and love to sleep there. They have a tendency to change their dens very frequently and some are known to sleep in a new den almost every night. Some other favorite places where a raccoon likes to sleep are the attics, barns, sheds, crawl spaces, and abandoned cars.

Where Does A Raccoon Sleep During The Day?

Being nocturnal creatures, raccoons like to spend the day sleeping most of the time. They will climb up a tree and sleep in the branches under the shade. Many people have the wrong idea that raccoons live in the trees. But the fact is they do not live there but only sleep there during the day. They can only live in a tree if there is any den in a hollow tree.

Where Does A Raccoon Sleep At Night?

Raccoons do not like to sleep much at night unless they are ill. They are nocturnal animals and prefer to roam around during the night searching for food. The only exception is the extremely cold winter season when raccoons do tend to sleep. During these harsh days, they will form small groups and sleep inside a den so that they will get enough warmth inside it to survive.

Does A Raccoon Sleep In The Same Place Every Night?

Raccoons will sleep in the same den for days only in the extreme winter days and their breeding season. Apart from that, they do not like to sleep in the same place. In fact, they have a tendency to change dens almost every night. Today you may see a raccoon living inside the den of a tree, but tomorrow you may find that it has moved to the attic of your house.

Where Do Raccoons Sleep During The Rain?

During the rainy season, you may often see a raccoon loitering around in the rain. Do not feel scared thinking that it is suffering from rabies or any other disease. It may be that its den has been destroyed by the rain and so it is searching for a new shelter. Normally raccoons sleep inside their den during the rain and wait for it to pass and then go out in search of food.

Final Words

Adult male raccoons prefer to sleep alone in their dens. The young ones sleep with their mothers in the same place until they have grown up. Raccoons tend to use the dens of other animals to sleep rather than making one themselves. In the spring and summer season when there is enough warmth, raccoons sometimes sleep on the ground.

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