What Do Raccoons Sound Like?

Raccoons are curious animals and often enter your house in search of food and shelter. One of the signs that will indicate that there is a raccoon in your house is their low growling and shuffling sounds. They tend to make these kinds of sounds when running along the roof of your house or inside the walls.

What Do Raccoons Sound Like?

Raccoons are extremely vocal animals and they often interact with each other by making a lot of sounds. In fact, they can make two hundred different types of sounds which they use for different purposes. The most common sounds of raccoons are chittering, snarling, purring, whimpering, hissing, and growling. Sometimes they can even make screeching sounds like the owl.

What Sounds Do Raccoons Make At Night?

Raccoons are very smart and they often alert each other by making sounds whenever they feel any potential danger. At night, they can make growling sounds as a caution when they sense threat or danger. Raccoons also tend to make a lot of loud noises like screaming, snorting, whimpering, and snarling in the night. The baby raccoon also makes noises like whining, mewing, and crying.

Raccoon Sounds And What They Indicate?

Generally, when they fight each other, raccoons make yowling, growling, and hissing sounds. If they are not happy, raccoons will make barking sounds. When they will move through the attic of your house, raccoons usually tend to make dragging, thumping, and rustling sounds. To call each other, they will make screeching sounds like an owl.

What Sounds Do Raccoons Make When They Mate?

As told earlier, raccoons will screech like the owl to call each other even for mating. At the time of mating, raccoons make screaming sounds. It may seem to you like they are fighting but when you go near you will find them involved in a different task especially between the months of January and May. And after 63 days, you can see a new member of the raccoon family called the litter.

What Sounds Do Rabid Raccoons Make?

Raccoons are extremely susceptible to rabies and a large number of their community loses life every year from it. Not only is there a change of behavior when infected by this disease but raccoons also make some strange noises when rabid. Some of these sounds are chattering, screeching, and peeping in the high pitch. They can also become aggressive and make hissing sounds.

What Sounds Do Raccoons Make In The Wall?

Raccoons have a bad habit of trespassing into your house in search of shelter. They will enter into your attic and start making a home there if they like the place. Very often they tend to make tapping sounds on the wall, especially at night. This sound indicates that the raccoon is tearing the network of ducts and digging into the insulation of your house. It can cause heavy damage to your settings.

Final Words

It is not possible for the researchers to understand all the sounds that raccoons or any other animal make in the wild. However, there are certain sounds that really stand out in the crowd. Some of those are the chattering, twittering, and chittering sounds which are primarily made by the mother raccoons and her kits as a form of communication.

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