Are Raccoons Aggressive?

While it is possible for you to see a healthy raccoon loitering around in the daylight, you will seldom see a raccoon becoming aggressive towards a man. However, a female raccoon knows how to protect her young offspring against all odds with all her might. She will growl or make a loud whoof, arch her back to something or even lunge at a person which may appear to be aggressive.

Are Raccoons Aggressive?

Normally raccoons are not aggressive by nature and they prefer to run away on seeing a man. Being intelligent animals, they know how to defend themselves from predators. And for this purpose, they are well equipped by nature such as their claws which are sharp as well as long at the same time. They can, however, become aggressive when they are sick or feel threatened.

Can Raccoons Be Aggressive Towards Humans?

It is unlikely that a healthy raccoon will become aggressive under ordinary circumstances. But still, it is recommended to stay away from them since raccoons are wild animals. Many times they can also pretend as if they are likely to attack you. Some of these signs of bluffing include standing up in an aggressive manner to appear larger, huffing, grunting, growling, or charging towards you.

Can Raccoons Be Aggressive Towards Dogs?

Although raccoons and dogs do not get along together, a study suggests that a raccoon will not become aggressive or attack a dog first unless provoked. But if they are involved in a fight, you will have to pull them apart. Wear protective clothing to make sure that you do not get bitten or scratched by the raccoon or the dog and then try to pull the raccoon away from your pet dog.

Can Raccoons Be Aggressive Towards Cats?

It is just the opposite scenario in the case of cats. They like each other and so, a raccoon will never attack a cat in normal situations. However, we recommend keeping your pet cats away from raccoons because though not directly, they can cause harm to the cat indirectly. One such example is the transmission of the disease called rabies which is widely prevalent amongst raccoons.

Can Raccoons Be Aggressive Towards Rabbits?

If you have a pet rabbit in your home, we strongly recommend keeping it inside. Raccoons have been heard to be aggressive towards rabbits and often attack them. They can also kill your pet rabbit and eat it. Raccoons may also attack the rabbit while it is inside a cage in your home. They have the special ability as we all know to open the hutches or rabbit cages. Therefore, be careful.

Final Words

Though not aggressive by nature, raccoons can become so when provoked, feel threatened, or frightened. Their behavior also changes a lot when attacked by rabies and during that time they can become aggressive towards human beings or any other animals. Generally, a raccoon likes to attack and feed on chickens, songbirds, eggs, and ducks. They also eat rats, moles, frogs, mice, and shrews.

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