How Strong Are Raccoons?

Raccoons have a combination of sharp brains and skilled paws for performing almost any kind of task. They can very easily unscrew jars, untie knots and even undo locks without much effort. Many people call them master thieves. They are also known as a ransacker of the garbage bins.

How Strong Are Raccoons?

Yes, raccoons are strong enough compared to their size. They are superb climbers and excellent swimmers. If you throw a raccoon from a considerable height, it can land on its feet just like the cat. Racoon has the ability to survive any kind of fall unless it breaks any bone. They can run at a speed from 10 to 15 miles per hour which are quite impressive considering their short legs.

What Are The Special Skills Of A Raccoon?

Raccoons are known as extremely skilled creatures. They have amazing skills in performing tasks with their hands. They can open bottles, doors, latches, and jars with their hands. They have the ability to open the lids of garbage beans kept in front of the human houses even though they are specially designed so that raccoons cannot open them.

Can Racoons Lift Heavy Objects?

Raccoons do have the capability to lift heavy objects whose weight is heavier than the bodyweight of the raccoon. A very interesting example of this ability is their opening of the lids of bottles. Try to place something as heavy as the weight of a raccoon on the lid and wait for it. After some time you will find that the raccoon has been able to push and lift the object and open the lid.

How Strong Are Raccoons As Climbers?

Raccoons have sharp and non-retractable nails in their long fingers and toes. It helps them in climbing rough surfaces like trees and cliffs. They can also rotate their back paws to 180 degrees while climbing. Raccoons are very good climbers. They can very easily climb tall buildings, trees, fences, chimneys, and roofs of houses.

How Strong Are Raccoons As Swimmers?

Raccoons can swim at an average speed of about five kilometers per hour. If it is chased by a predator, the raccoon can press the acceleration button and swim at a speed of almost twenty-five kilometers per hour. Another capacity of a raccoon is that if required, it can swim for three to eight hours continuously. Therefore, it can be safely said that raccoons are excellent swimmers.

Are Raccoons Stronger Than Dogs?

Raccoons and dogs do not like each other. A raccoon will not normally attack a dog unless it is provoked. But a dog very often has the habit to chase a raccoon as soon as it sees one. It may result in an ugly fight if the raccoon is cornered. Both the raccoon and the dog may receive severe injuries. There are some reports where raccoons have even killed the smaller species of dogs.

Final Words

Raccoons are undoubtedly very clever and vicious animals. They are strong and brave enough to face any kind of challenge. They will not show their back if attacked by your dog or cat. And trust me, a raccoon is very often heard to have lost a fight.

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