When Do Baby Rabbits Leave The Nest?

Baby rabbits usually remain with their mothers for some period In a separate tunnel or warren. They gradually move in with the other members of the pack after reaching a certain age.

When do baby rabbits leave the nest? Baby rabbits usually leave the mother’s nest after they reach the age of eight weeks. At this time., they can eat solid foods and grass and can also fend for themselves.

Baby rabbits may start leaving the nest after five weeks of age. At this time, they can eat solid food and have better agility. Hence, they leave the nest and start exploring the surroundings for a few hours. They usually return to the nest after they feel sleepy.

At this time, the mothers often leave the babies alone in the nest and go outside. The same is seen for pet rabbits also, and their mother also leaves them in the nest.

Well, it is easy to understand when the baby rabbit is ready to live with the pack.

Signs if baby rabbit is ready to live outside the nest

Here are a few signs that can help you to check if a baby rabbit is ready to live outside the nest-

Their eyes are open and properly developed

Baby rabbits take a lot of time to open their eyes. They will open it after six to ten days of being born, under the observation and care of their mother. If the baby can open its eyes and has developed eyes, they are ready to leave the nest.

Their size

If a baby rabbit becomes newly ten inches tall, it is ready to leave the mother’s nest. Many rabbits also leave the nest after reaching the height of 7 inches tall. If the baby reaches 100gm to 150gm in weight, it is old enough to live outside.

The condition of its fur

The condition of the fur of a kit can also help you to determine if the baby is ready to leave the nest. Baby rabbits are born without fur, and they need time to grow the fur. In general, a baby rabbit gets a complete fur coat within a week. But, these furs are smaller in size and need time to grow in size.

Moreover, their furs become denser and fluffier as they grow. A baby rabbit with a soft and fluffy fur coat is mature enough to live on itself with the pack.

It can hop and run

Baby rabbits usually leave the nest when they start to jump and run properly. This development comes from the wild rabbits, and rabbits use jumping and running to evade their attackers.

Their ears

Baby rabbits with erect ears have a proper hearing capability and can remain alert. Hence if you find their ears erect, they are going to live in the nest soon.

Final Words

Baby rabbits usually leave their mother’s nest after reaching eight weeks. At that time, they have proper hearing ability and eyesight and can also eat solid food. Moreover, they can properly run and jump without any assistance.

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