Are Raccoons Endangered?

Raccoons are mainly of three species. The first is Procyon Pygmaeus which is also called the Cozumel raccoon. They are found in Cozumel Island which is located on the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. The second species is the Procyon Cancrivorus which is also known as crab-eating raccoon. And, the third species of the raccoon are the Procyon Lotor.

Are Raccoons Endangered?

If we speak about the raccoons as a whole, they cannot be said to be endangered. In fact, their generation is now on the increasing trend. But one of the three species of raccoons is definitely endangered. This species is the Cozumel raccoon. As per the latest report, only 250 to 300 raccoons of this species are left. The other two species of raccoons are not currently endangered.

Why Are The Cozumel Species Endangered?

The main reason for the decrease in the population of the Cozumel raccoons is their small geographical range. They are found only in a very small coastal area which is located in the northwest corner of the island. It is an area that is covered for the development of these species of raccoons. Moreover, no particular laws have been enacted for their protection.

Is The Population Of Raccoons Increasing?

As per the report of Dr. Samuel Zeveloff, the population of raccoons was very less prior to the 1930s. Thereafter, their population in North America has increased fifteen to twenty times between the years 1930 to 1980. After that, there has been no turning back for the raccoons and they are now establishing their population even in the deserts and mountainous areas.

What Are The Animals That Eat A Raccoon?

Raccoons tend to become the soft targets for many animals such as wolves, snakes, ocelots, foxes, lynx, coyotes, bears, crocodiles, and eagles. Besides these, there are certain other animals like pumas, mountain lions, and bobcats who also hunt down the raccoons. In spite of their intelligence, raccoons come under the list of most preyed on animals.

Why Are Raccoons Not Found In Europe?

The population of raccoons had tremendously increased in Europe over the last few years. So, in the year 2016, they have been included in the Union Concern list of Invasive Alien Species. After this inclusion, there has been a full stop in the bred, commercialization, import, transport, or intentional release of raccoons in the whole of Europe.

In Which State Raccoons Are Found The Most?

As already mentioned, the population of raccoons is now increasing except for the Cozumel species. Today they are colonizing not merely in the cities and their suburbs but they are considerably spreading in mountainous and desert areas. In the entire state of North Carolina, raccoons are found today in large numbers. However, in the Coastal and Piedmont areas, they are found the most.

Final Words

One of the main causes behind the increase in the population of raccoons in recent years is that the State Government has taken several important steps. One of these steps is the setting up of artificial dens in the places where there are no trees or very few trees but plenty of food and water sources. These dens have considerably increased the population of raccoons.

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