Do tarantulas need light?

The amount of light required depends entirely on your tarantula’s natural habitat. These creatures rarely come out during the day and prefer to hunt in the dark.

Brighter lights than the sun and lighting at night are incompatible with their natural way of living. Knowing that the tarantula is a nocturnal creature, turning on the lights will cause it to hide. The optimal quantity of light for your pet tarantula is similar to what it is used to in the wild.

Is light an essential factor?

Tarantulas are found in the hotter areas of the world and have a hard time in the cold climatic regions.

The tarantulas do not need bright lights and should only be given adequate sunlight. The fact that they are nocturnal shouldn’t be mistaken as “no need of light”. The tarantulas can see the sun and are aware of the daytime. They should get adequate light to function the internal clock. They might get confused if they are only kept in the dark. The tarantulas will not be able to detect when to eat and sleep without the knowledge of light. The indirect sunlight won’t do any harm to this delicate creature.

Tarantulas are found across the globe and have different levels of heat tolerance. Pet owners are often seen using artificial lights for tarantulas.

Several owners around the globe use wattage lights. The low-watt bulbs, preferably 25 watts or less, are preferred for the tarantulas. The heat generated by higher watt bulbs often produces more heat than the tarantulas need, which might go the other way.

The UVB and UVC lights are considered to be too harsh for the tarantulas, and it is best to get a UVA lamp.

Several owners use the red light as the tarantulas cannot see it, but it is easy for the owners to locate them. The red light does not disturb the tarantulas and is considered to be safe.

The tarantulas also respond well to the blue light and are considered a suitable lighting option.

The dark purple light and the moonlight are also available out there and can be used.

The tarantulas should not be kept in total black as it causes various health issues which can harm their functioning. The tarantulas are always preferred to be kept in the dark corner of the house. The dark corner doesn’t receive much sunlight, and the fluorescents are in direct contact.

The heating of the whole surrounding is preferred rather than the specific area of its habitat as too much heat might cause harm to its delicate skin.

The entire concept of using artificial light for the tarantulas is a myth unless it belongs to a particular breed that requires extreme care.

Most of the tarantulas do not need such an exotic environment to survive. One should do a proper study on the tarantula and the breed that they belong to before exposing them to any unnecessary light.

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