How do Tarantulas Drink?

Tarantulas, which belong to the arachnid group, are known for their intelligent antics and interesting habits. Like other living animals, tarantulas also drink water. Even though a Tarantula can survive without water for days, it still needs some hydration. You may not catch a tarantula drinking water often. Here is all the information about how this eight-legged creature drinks water to sustain its life.

How do tarantulas drink water? Tarantulas also need water to live. They use the chelicerae, a muscle behind their fangs, to suck water. They drink slowly with their mouth and usually drink for minutes to get hydrated. This nocturnal insect usually drinks during the night and often gets hydration through its prey.

A tarantula has different ways of getting moisture and hydration. It can get some hydration through its prey. On the other hand, wild tarantulas have their own sources of water. They usually drink from rainwater poodles near their nest. Sometimes. A tarantula may also drink the dew drops stored on leaves. Usually, tarantulas do not drink during the daytime. They are nocturnal by nature.

Pet tarantulas usually do not need to drink water as they thrive in captivity. But, they should be provided with a shallow water bowl. This will ensure your pet does not get dehydrated.
A tarantula has a different physiological structure. Their pinhole mouth does not allow them to chug the water and drink faster. Hence, a tarantula takes a lot of time to drink. Some tarantulas may even drink for more than an hour to get their fill.

They usually drink through the small mouth hole located behind their fangs. It has a pair of appendages in front of its mouth.

A tarantula will try to get as much closer as possible to the water source. Then it will balance itself to ensure it does not fall into the water. After that, it will lower itself so that its chelicera touches the water. After that, it will use the muscles to suck the water through its pinhole mouth. In this case, they actively use their chelicerae to suck the water.

Usually, tarantulas are slow drinkers and take their own time drinking enough water to remain hydrated.

Prevent your tarantula from getting dehydrated

A tarantula may not drink water for days. Usually, they do not drink during molting or mating season. But, otherwise, if one doesn’t drink, dehydration is inevitable. Dehydration can cause death for a tarantula.

If you find that your pet looks skinny and its abdomen is really small during the regular season, get alarmed. But, first, provide your pet with enough water to ensure it does not become dead.

You can use a dropper or a medical syringe to provide them water. First, flip your pet on its back and then approach it with a water-filled dropper or syringe. Next, drop a water droplet and wait till your pet sucks. Then, continue the whole procedure till your pet gets enough water.

For pet tarantulas, bottled or filtered tap water is best. In general, supplying them with water twice a week is enough. But, always provide them a bowl of water in their cage to keep them dehydrated.

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