When do Tarantula Sleep?

Tarantulas are small, hairy, mostly black in appearance spiders that belong to the family Theraphosidae. Tarantulas are very much different from mammals, so their sleeping habits are also different. They are very good hunters, so in their natural habitat, they are more active. Spiders like tarantulas cannot close their eyes due to the absence of eyelashes. Hence, it becomes difficult to say whether a spider is sleeping or not.

When do Tarantula Sleep? It’s still a controversial fact whether tarantulas actually sleep or not. Scientists are still trying to find out this answer. Many people give many theoretical views about this. Still, it’s very difficult to say if there is any possibility to prove them true.

Mimic Sleep of Tarantula

Rather than sleeping normally, tarantulas lower their metabolic activities during day time. Thus they can preserve most of their energy for other work. During the day, they usually do nothing. Still, at night they are more active in hunting and making themselves safe from predators. Being a nocturnal animal, a spider will continue to sleep or rest during the day. It may also opt to sleep till it catches prey to eat.

Many researchers tally the sleeping behavior of tarantulas with a computer. Like if there is no movement in the Tarantula, it is similar to the computer’s sleep mode, but if there is a sudden movement, then it acts like the input of a sudden key, and the computer begins to work. Thus, scientists termed the no movement time of tarantulas to be in rest mode, and when they are suddenly active, it is called active mode.

Tarantulas have a More Primitive Brain to Sleep

Another possibility arises in front of scientists when they try to understand the brain and open the secrets of the spider’s brain. According to many of them, the physiology and anatomy of spiders and tarantulas are more primitive. So most probably, they cannot feel any sleep-like feelings. Rather they like to keep resting and slow their other activities.

Usually, Tarantulas lower their metabolic rate while they sleep. It is their resting phase. This way, a Tarantula can save its energy and prevent unnecessary energy waste. But, they always remain alert. Tarantulas would become alert as soon as any living being approaches their nest. If prey comes near the spider, it will instantly wake up and hunt down the prey to get nutrition.

During Sleep Time

The nervous system of Tarantula is very much different from humans. So it’s very difficult to tell whether they can enter the same kind of sleeping state as us or not. But they can experience circadian rhythm. According to scientists, Tarantulas do not have a developed brain that can go for the REM (Rapid eye movement) cycle. Hence, they also do not dream like humans.

Regulation of Diurnal and Annual Cycle of Tarantulas

As earlier said, tarantulas are more active during the night than day. During the day, tarantulas mostly lie dormant and do nothing, and rest in their burrows. In cooler climates or winter seasons, they enter into hibernation. In the summertime, they wake up from their hibernation.

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