How High Can Rabbits Jump?

You have seen your pet rabbit hopping and jumping around your home. Their binky moves are also adorable. Their developed hind leg muscles indicate that they are very adapted for jumping. But, how high can they jump?

Well, rabbits can jump from 2 feet to five meters easily, and a baby rabbit can jump up to 2 feet after they reach two to three months. On the other hand, adult rabbits can jump for four to five feet if they need to do it. Most of the rabbits have an average jumping height of three feet.

Wild rabbits vs Pet rabbits Jump

Wild rabbits are natural jumpers. Since they live in the world and continuously have to escape from the clutches of predators like foxes, snakes, owls etc., they are better adapted to jumping. The wild rabbits can easily jump for four to five feet whenever they need it.

On the other hand, the pet rabbits may not jump as high as their wild counterparts. But, they can do it if they are trained properly. Competitive jumping in rabbits is also common in many countries across the globe, and even your pet can jump like a wild animal if it has the proper training.

A regular pet bunny may not be able to jump for more than 2 feet. But, they can easily take horizontal leaps. Most of the pet bunnies can take horizontal; leaps for more than four feet with ease.

It is because of the places they live in. Living inside a house often restricts high jumping due to the height limit. But, being intelligent, they have found a way to develop a new ability- taking horizontal leaps. A Cottontail rabbit can even take horizontal leaps for more than seven feet.

Your pet bunny is capable enough to jump and hop on your bed, the sofa or take a leap from those places whenever it feels like it.

You might also find your bunny escaping your loving arms with a playful attitude by jumping from your hand. The baby bunnies or kits are most prone to do these antics.

Binkying – their jump for love

Rabbits often resort to jumping to express their happiness or excitement. They will take a huge leap in the air and will twist its body slightly mid-air. It is known as bullying, and the move is called “Binky”. It is their instinct to express their emotion. Rabbits do not need professional training to perform this move.

Training your bunny to jump

Do you know that you can train your bunny to jump? It will help them get a few exercises while keeping them fit and making them more talented in jumping. You can start with an obstacle course and allow your bunny to jump over obstacles or a fence of 2 inches and gradually increase the distance. You can also teach them commands like “jump” to ensure them.

Final Words

Rabbits are naturally great jumpers and can easily jump from two to five feet or even more. While wild rabbits have the higher capability, pet rabbits can also be trained to jump for higher distances.

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