What To Feed Wild Rabbits?

If you live near the woods, the chances are that you will encounter a few wild bunnies once in a while. These wonderful creatures roam freely in the wild. But, they also love to interact with humans.

You may want to feed them too. Providing them with some food once in a while can help them a lot, especially during winters. But, what do you need to feed the wild rabbits?

What to feed wild rabbits? You can feed them fresh grass, clover, other leafy vegetables, wild vegetables, flowers, fruits, weeds etc. In harsh winters, you can provide them with freshly picked buds and turnips, grass or leafy greens.

They are herbivores by nature, but they forage and find something edible and will try to find all the possible food sources to thrive on.

But, wild rabbits have more tolerance than pet ones. Being in the wild, they need to survive on whatever they find. Hence, they can feed on anything green and fiber-rich plants. They will also eat flowers, twigs, and buds or wild berries, fruits and other plant-based foods.

What To Feed Wild Rabbits?

Here are a few food items that you can give to wild rabbits-

Grass and hay

It is the most primary food resource for wild rabbits. They usually feed on grass and hay as it allows them to chew everything properly. You can give freshly cut grass to wild rabbits, as they are more familiar with it. Wild rabbits do not have a lot of access to hay, but they eat it. You can offer the oat and Timothy grass hay as well.

It is better to avoid alfalfa hay due to its high calcium, protein, and sugar.

Please do not spray any pesticide on these before feeding the wild bunnies. These wild furballs have a different mechanism and may become seriously ill by consuming pesticide-laden food.

Fresh leafy greens

Wild rabbits have different food habits when it comes to leafy greens. But, they will gradually open up with multiple varieties. You can start with basil, pea pods, Swiss chard, clover leaves, Dill and dandelion, watercress. They are more familiar with these vegetables. You can also give them carrot tops, Bok choy, turnip tops.

But, wild rabbits should be given these food items slowly to make them habituated.
You can also give them broccoli, cabbages but try to limit the quantity as these cause gas in rabbits.

Fruits and berries

Wild rabbits also eat berries and wild fruits. They have a higher tolerance for these items than their pet counterparts. You can give wild bunnies berries like raspberries, blackberries, papaya, honeydew melon, pitted cherries and plums. These will be easier for them to eat. You can give them bananas, blackberries and dried fruits in moderate quantities.

Final Words

Wild rabbits can eat different varieties of food, including grass, hay, and berries or fruits. Feeding them once in a while can help them to thrive better. But, try to offer them food only after washing thoroughly. It is better to give them organic foods to prevent any health complications.

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